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Using GTFS Data in ArcGIS Network Analyst

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The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) is a standardized data format for storing public transit routes, stops, and schedules.  GTFS data is used in Google Maps transit trip planning. Many major public transit systems have made up-to-date GTFS data for their systems readily available for download.

The tools and techniques here allow you to use GTFS data with ArcGIS’s Network Analyst extension to perform schedule-based transit analyses.

Add GTFS to a Network Dataset allows you to add GTFS data to an ArcGIS network dataset so you can run schedule-aware analyses using the Network Analyst tools.

Add GTFS to a Network Dataset

BetterBusBuffers helps you quantitatively measure access to public transit in your city. The tools count the number of transit trips available during a time window for areas within your city, point locations within your city, along specific corridors, or at the transit stops themselves.

Display GTFS in ArcGIS is a simple tool to generate a feature class of your GTFS route shapes and stops for display on a map.

Display GTFS in ArcGIS
Edit GTFS Stop Locations

Edit GTFS Stop Locations allows you to edit your stop locations and/or attributes in ArcMap and generate an updated GTFS stops.txt file.

Generate GTFS Shapes allows you to create a shapes.txt file for your GTFS dataset or edit an existing one using Network Analyst and the ArcMap editing tools.

Generate GTFS Shapes
Interpolate Blank Stop Times

The Interpolate Blank Stop Times toolset is a utility for estimating arrival_time and departure_time values that have been left blank in the stop_times.txt GTFS file.

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