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Using GTFS Data in ArcGIS Network Analyst

This comprehensive Story Map hightlights key concepts and best practices for public transit GIS analysis. It shows how to determine who your transit system serves, how well people are served by transit, and how easy it is for people to access important destinations by transit. The analyses were done using ArcGIS and the tools available on this website. (Click this link to open the Story Map in a separate window instead of viewing the embedded version below. Click this link to see a narrated presentation of this Story Map.)

For detailed lectures and instructions to help you recreate the analyses shown in the Story Map above, download the workshop materials and watch the lecture videos from the "Using GTFS Data in ArcGIS" pre-conference workshop at the GIS in Transit 2017 Conference.

This really nice webinar from Esri Canada describes using these tools for accessibility analysis and demonstrates Insights for ArcGIS for demographics and transit ridership analysis.

These blog posts also discuss best practices and cover many of the same concepts as the Story Map.

If you want to see live GTFS-Realtime feeds in a map, you can use the GTFS Realtime Connector for GeoEvent Server.

If you're interested in mapping passenger counts or cleaning up your passenger counter data, check out Valley Metro's passenger counter web app and reach out to them for details on how they correct their passenger counter data.

Check out the GTFS Best Practices page for tips on how to construct your GTFS datasets.

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