Display GTFS in ArcGIS User's Guide

Created by Melinda Morang, Esri
Contact: mmorang@esri.com

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What this tool does

The Display GTFS in ArcGIS toolbox allows you to add GTFS transit stops and route shapes to ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro.

The Display GTFS Stops tool makes a feature class of stops using information from the GTFS stops.txt file.

The Display GTFS Route Shapes tool converts the information from the GTFS routes.txt and shapes.txt files into an ArcGIS feature class, allowing you to view your transit lines on a map. The output will contain one line feature for each unique shape in your GTFS data. The attributes for each line contain all the information about the routes represented by the shape.

Software requirements

Data requirements

Getting started

Running Display GTFS Stops

Screenshot of Display GTFS Stops dialog



Running Display GTFS Route Shapes

Screenshot of tool dialog



Tips for viewing output in the map

Displaying shapes with the correct colors

If your GTFS dataset contains route_color information and you want to view these colors in the map, you can do the following:

In ArcMap

  1. In the symbology tab of the layer properties, select Categories->Unique Values.
  2. Choose route_color_formatted as the Value Field. Click Add All Values.
  3. For each route color that appears, double click the line symbol next to it.
  4. When the Symbol Selector appears, choose More Colors from the Color drop-down.
  5. Flip the drop-down to RGB. Enter the RGB values from the route_color_RGB field into the R, G, and B boxes. For example, if the RGB color triplet was (198, 12, 48), modify the color selector to look like the picture here:

Screenshot of ArcMap RGB symbology picker

In ArcGIS Pro

In ArcGIS Pro 1.2 or later, the output layer should automatically display using the colors specified in the route_color GTFS field defined in routes.txt. This is done using attribute-driven symbology. The route shape display color is defined in the route_color_formatted field in the data.

You can manually set the route shape colors as follows:

  1. Open the Symbology pane to format your layer's symbology.
  2. Choose Unique Values in the Symbology drop-down selector.
  3. Choose route_color_formatted as the Value field.
  4. For each route color, click on the symbol so that the "Format Line Symbol" part of the Symbology pane appears.
  5. Click on Properties toward the top of this page of the pane.
  6. In the drop-down color pallet, select "Color Properties".
  7. When the Color Editor appears, make sure "Color Model" is set to HEX, and then enter the appropriate hexadecimal color code for your line.

Note: If you plan to publish your layer to ArcGIS Online, you should manually set the symbology because attribute-driven symbology will not work.

Rearranging the drawing order of your transit shapes

If you want to rearrange the draw order of your different transit shapes, do the following:

In ArcMap

In ArcGIS Pro

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