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Using GTFS Data in ArcGIS Network Analyst

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Add GTFS to a Network Dataset version 0.6 beta.
Last update: 26 September 2017
Created by: Melinda Morang and Patrick Stevens, Esri
(Special thanks to Dave Johnson for building the installer.)

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Please read the User's Guide. If you encounter a problem, please read the Troubleshooting Guide.

System requirements:

  • ArcGIS 10.1 or higher (does not work in ArcGIS Pro). You can use all the tools if you have the Desktop Standard (ArcEditor) or Desktop Advanced (ArcInfo) license. If you have only the Desktop Basic (ArcView) license, you will have to find an alternate method for one of the setup steps, but you can still use the network dataset for analyses. See the User's Guide for more information.
  • Network Analyst extension
  • The necessary permissions to install something on your computer.

Data requirements:

  • Valid GTFS dataset for the transit agency (or agencies) you wish to analyze. Get GTFS data directly from your transit agency or download it from one of several sites that collects GTFS datasets from around the world, such as Transitland or Transitfeeds. If your GTFS dataset has blank values for arrival_time and departure_time in stop_times.txt, you will not be able to run this tool. You can download and use the Interpolate Blank Stop Times tool to estimate blank arrival_time and departure_time values for your dataset if you still want to use it.
  • A feature class of street data for your area of interest that you can add to a network dataset.

Are you a developer? This tool is available on GitHub.

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