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Using GTFS Data in ArcGIS Network Analyst

Where to get GTFS data

  • Directly from your transit authority (usually on the "Developers" page of their website)
  • Transitland
  • TransitFeeds

Links to other cool sites for pedestrian/transit mapping and analysis

  • MobiAnalyst - an ArcGIS extension from Esri partner MobiGIS for performing multimodal analysis and planning.
  • Sugar Access - A tool from Esri partner Citilabs for measuring accessibility to employment, services, and more.
  • Traffic Analyst - An inexpensive ArcGIS extension built by Esri partner Rapidis that provides a suite of tools for transportation planning, including tools for transit analysis and GTFS
  • OpenTripPlanner Analyst - Analysis tools included in OpenTripPlanner designed for transportation analysis, similar to the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension
  • Conveyal Transport Analyst - A suite of open-source transportation planning and accessibility analysis tools from Conveyal
  • Remix - A simple web-based tool for planning transit routes
  • Mapnificent - a Google Maps-based tool for calculating walking/transit service areas.
  • Walkshed - find walkable neighborhoods in New York or Philadelphia rated according to other characteristics you care about, like crime rates, access to grocery stores, etc.
  • inThirty - find a great neighborhood in Chicago based on walking/transit access to parks or libraries.
  • Walk Score - Assigns scores to addresses based on how suitable the area is for walking and how easy it is to reach amenities.
  • Walk Score Apartments - Search for apartments based on commute time, transit accessibility, Walk Score, amenities, and other characteristics.
  • PadMapper - Google Maps-based tool that pulls apartment listings from Craigslist,,, and others, places them on a map, and allows you to search by characteristics. It also has overlays for transit, crime, Walk Score, and neighborhood boundaries.
  • TLCEngine - Calculate the true lifestyle cost of owning a home, including commute times.
  • General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) - An open data specification for the real-time status of bikeshare bikes and docks
  • The Transport Databook - interactive charts and tables of data related to transportation (mostly US) with links to data sources

Do you know of any other cool tools or resources I should include here? Send me an e-mail!

I appreciate your questions, comments, and suggestions.