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Using GTFS Data in ArcGIS Network Analyst

Display GTFS in ArcGIS - Overview

The Display GTFS in ArcGIS toolbox allows you to add GTFS transit stops and route shapes to ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro.

The Display GTFS Route Shapes tool converts the information from the GTFS routes.txt and shapes.txt files into an ArcGIS feature class, allowing you to view your transit lines on a map. The output will contain one line feature for each unique shape in your GTFS data. The attributes for each line contain all the information about the routes represented by the shape.

The Display GTFS Stops tool makes a feature class of stops using information from the GTFS stops.txt file.

Display GTFS Route Shapes was created by Melinda Morang at Esri.

Display GTFS Route Shapes sample pic
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